About Us

TWIHIVE is a European e-commerce platform that aims to offer customers  a wide variety of products to shop from, that are delivered directly to their doorstep within a week. TWIHIVE strives to capture the essence of shopping with friends & family at local stores and bring it online through various social activities that will allow them to engage with other customers and vendors directly through our platform. Our aim is to provide our customer with a platform to meet most of their shopping demands all in one place and at a more competitive price, offering customers to evaluate & cross-check with other customers (and vendors) on the site through our immensely social centered UI. Within the next eight months, we plan to integrate a video conference add-on to the site in order to provide live interaction between customer to customer/vendor. TWIHIVE is a social marketplace and therefore like our customers we also cater to vendors from other businesses, who can collaborate with us in opening their own online store within our platform, taking full advantages of our social platform to interact with customers directly.