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Simple ways of earning money online

With the time flowing like a speeding bullet, The Internet has pushed its boundaries and becomes a way of making money besides the window of the world. People have started to connect businesses online to profit more in less complicated, legitimate ways and it’s growing by the time, with more people associating with it. So, … read more

5 must read books for aspiring entrepreneurs

The dream of ‘starting a new business of my own’ drives us, the crazy people with an entrepreneurial itch to do something in our life. But before that, let me tell you that it’s not the struggle of a day that can make you an entrepreneur of your dream. Nowadays, a large number of young … read more

Looking forward to the Moon: NASA Moon 2022

It all started with Apollo 11, the first spaceflight that carried two people on the moon. Exactly after 49 years, 9 months and 24 days of this historic achievement, the US President Donald Trump declared in his Twitter account about the “return to Space in a BIG WAY!”. Experts doubt the tweet is pushing Trump … read more

The best ways to use social media to expand your network

There was a time when meeting people, attending conferences, participating in groups are known ways to communicate and build networks. But now, situations are quite different. With a fast, modern lifestyle, we don’t have much time to spend and spare. So, basically by the time now we all are agreeing that social media can be … read more


Jewellery designs are extending even longer with each passing day and thus 2019 is witnessing a huge turnover of trends. Let’s take a look! STUDS The most fashionable type which never goes out of style. Ear studs come in a lot of variety. Pearls in the studs that looks super cool and trendy. Precious stones … read more


The word “green” is slowly fading away from the dictionary same way as it is from our mother nature  through  this century and beyond. The massive upgradation of technologies worldwide is gifting us with a world devoid of green which has already become home for diseases, disasters , atmospheric disturbances and is a huge threat … read more

5 Easy Home Exercises to Stay in Shape

Managing our work and personal life has become an issue for today’s hustling professionals. Demands of work and rampant consumption culture have made us look down upon our shape. We understand how the extra uncalled for fat in the waistline and belly can cause some real pain and that’s why we have created an all-in-one … read more


When you read about a certain billionaire who in his early life had quit his job to start his own business, don’t you feel “Wish I was confident enough to take a step like that!”? But you never really ponder upon that matter because you do not feel you can do the same. These limiting … read more

Is Netflix Still Worth It ?

Netflix has become the preferred media consuming platform for the Gen X. It has swiftly replaced old cable services in UK by bombarding us with an unending collection of TV series and movies. With so much of new content being served almost every week it means Netflix is burning some serious amount of cash to … read more


European countries have a special place among travelers. Owing to its scenic settings, ancient architecture and aesthetic appeal, Europe till date is an immensely popular tourist destination. Here are top 10 European destinations that are a must in your travel bucket list. PARIS, FRANCE When you think about a vacation to Europe, you would obviously … read more