The word “green” is slowly fading away from the dictionary same way as it is from our mother nature  through  this century and beyond. The massive upgradation of technologies worldwide is gifting us with a world devoid of green which has already become home for diseases, disasters , atmospheric disturbances and is a huge threat towards animal kingdom and ecosystems. In order to curb down the imbalance, this is our take towards healing our planet.


When nature has to offer so many ways of energies to put into use, we humans remain most ignorant to the fact. Natural sources of energies like wind, rain, sunlight, waves should be used more in respect to technologies in forms of solar cooker, solar power tree, turning solar energy into electricity. These are efficient in recovering and rejuvenating the world. Renewable energy can lower down the usage of fossil fuels which is the main source of carbon di-oxide emissions leading to reduction of green- house gas emissions.


Why do we even forget this fact that trees are mankind’s greatest savior? The number of trees assassinated every year would be beyond our imagination. Why not to start with our own garden? Why not to build mini gardens in your workplace, shopping destinations and surroundings when everyday a little watering can save you and your generations for a longer period of time. So go on and create your own garden at your home or anywhere you find suitable. Ask your children to plant trees and water them daily as a routine and go green everyday.

Kitchen Garden– It lowers food waste. Kitchen gardens can be of vegetables or herbs or various edible  shrubs or bushes like thyme, basil, rosemary, mint, sage, dill and so on.


It might look naive in one’s hand or as a baby’s toy but is one of the most harmful ingredients that have terrible effects on the atmosphere. It emits toxic gases and has no such disposal method. Plastics are a major source of air pollution and are non-renewable. Introduction of paper bags can reduce this problem as it is biodegradable and renewable so we can concentrate more on it.


Air pollutants may be indoors or outdoors which however causes health hazards and threats to the environment.

• According to experts, cigarettes are one of the major indoor pollutants. The residual gas from cigarette smokes harm in a rooms of fabric or carpeting. However, children are more likely to get affected.

• Fire places or stoves need to have proper ventilation or else it will emit radon and carbon monoxide gases.

• Using dehumidifier while in an air-conditioned room can control moisture.

• Checking car emissions tested regularly can be helpful.


“Reduce, Reuse and Recycle”- in simpler terms, it is the disposal of waste products into newer products. This way it controls waste and regenerates it into new products thereby reducing  the rate consumption of raw materials. It also controls energy usage lowering it down. Every household, companies or factories should incorporate this waste hierarchy.

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