Jewellery designs are extending even longer with each passing day and thus 2019 is witnessing a huge turnover of trends. Let’s take a look!


The most fashionable type which never goes out of style. Ear studs come in a lot of variety. Pearls in the studs that looks super cool and trendy.

Precious stones or pearls encircled by gold or silver linings.

Studs with extensions hanging down look super stylish.

Studs with shapes of objects or animal kingdoms are a recent addition into the recent trends.


Dangles always steals the show as those are tremendously gorgeous when paired right and heavy enough to bear the style statement.

Sizes or shapes from ascending or descending order looks super attractive and classy.

Pastel shades and light hues will make it more elegant.

Dark shades with French or hook wires will mostly fit any of your looks.


You can nearly get any of the geometrical shapes in the form of earrings as studs or dangles. You can carry them along other ear-piercings.

Whether accompanied by any of the stones or simply hanging as a shape it will be stylish anyway.

The bigger versions of it is highly trendy in the recent days.


Big Chandler earrings come under this category. It is gorgeous and highly stuffed with elegance. You can so go for simple and colorful crystals for a day look or of you always want to keep it simple.


It represents more or less “Old wine in a new bottle.”  Heavy gold or silver ear-rings are always into the fashion in the form of studs or dangles or tear -drop ear-rings. Gold and silver will always be there but into newer forms and designs.

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