Managing our work and personal life has become an issue for today’s hustling professionals. Demands of work and rampant consumption culture have made us look down upon our shape. We understand how the extra uncalled for fat in the waistline and belly can cause some real pain and that’s why we have created an all-in-one list of things you should do at home to stay fit. These are only a handful of basic exercises without the humdrum of gym heavyweights and can do wonders to your health. Try this at your routine preferred time and see the magic in a few days.


We can’t emphasize enough on the importance of squats. Somehow people neglect this important step or don’t provide enough importance to squats. For doing perfect squats, put your legs a little bit more apart than your shoulder. Stay nice and calm. Put your hands straight in front to maintain the balance of the body and bend your waist in a way as if you are sitting on a chair, which in this case, is imaginary. Keep your thighs parallel to the floor and use your hills to stay grounded. Again, use your hills and thigh muscles to get back to standing position. Keep doing this for 10 times in the beginning and increase as you proceed. Squats help you to gain sufficient strength in both legs and get rid of extra fat by making your waist, chest and hands work harder.


Another lower body focused exercise that has miraculous effects on your body. For starters, stay in a normal standing position. Now take a big forward step by one leg and bend it so as to put your thigh parallel to the floor. The other leg’s heel should just stay in touch with the floor. Bend both your legs to the extent that they appear to be in a 90° position. Repeat this for your other leg and keep doing it for at least 10 times. Lunges help you to strengthen your hamstring and make your thighs look muscular.

Push Ups

The quintessential home exercise. Push Ups are really very popular and for all the right reasons. It works great for triceps and chest. First start with a face down lying position held by your hands only. The hand should be at the length or a bit wider than your shoulder. Keep both your waist and hands straight. Now slowly come down closer to the floor by bending your hands only and don’t forget to inhale. Now exhale and go back to your previous position by making your hands straight again. Do not bend your knees or your waist for this. Start with 10 reps and increase as you advance.

Pull Ups

For pull ups stand under a bar and then grab the bar with your palms. Your hands should be a little bit wider than your shoulder for this. Now start pulling yourself up so that your chin reaches the bar’s level. Use your bicep muscles and your core for this exercise. Do this for 6-10 times at the  beginning and then you can build up on that. It’s a bit harder and more physically demanding than push-ups. Nonetheless the visible differences on your biceps and core will make you appreciate it even more.

Running or Swimming

Both running and swimming are incredibly simple and need no extra assistance (okay maybe a bit water for the swimming part). Truth is, the acts of running and swimming engage almost all the muscles in your body and therefore make you leaner by shedding few extras here and there. They also help in providing much needed cardiovascular exercise.

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