Netflix has become the preferred media consuming platform for the Gen X. It has swiftly replaced old cable services in UK by bombarding us with an unending collection of TV series and movies. With so much of new content being served almost every week it means Netflix is burning some serious amount of cash to produce these as well. Unfortunately Netflix’s spending habits directly reflect on what they charge from the subscribers. Netflix used to take £7.99 for standard HD plan enabling simultaneous view of two screens. The cheapest SD plan used to cost £5.99 and the more premium 4K streaming in more screens would set you aback by £9.99. However, things have changed as Netflix recently has increased the base price of both standard HD and the premium plan. Under the new tariff, the £7.99 plan will cost £8.99 and the customer have to shell out £11.99 for the 4K plan. The base plan although remains unchanged so far. These changes in prices put Netflix disproportionately ahead of the competition in terms of asking price. Now’s the prime time to think about whether Netflix is still worth it or not.

Reasons to Have Second Thoughts

With this increase in pricing, Netflix is asking customers almost 20% more than what they were doing in the past. A look at what the competitions stand should give us a fair idea about our choices. The biggest current worldwide competition of Netflix is Amazon Prime Video. The single plan costs merely £7.99 and Sky Entertainment and Sky Cinema charges £7.99 and £9.99 respectively. We called Amazon Prime Video Netflix’s ‘current’ biggest competition because of imminent debut of another leviathan in OTT market. Disney’s own Disney+ is going to launch in the USA in November and the UK launch shouldn’t be far. Disney+ will have five major brands owned by Disney that includes Disney, Pixar, National Geographic, Star Wars and Marvel. The cost is tentatively $6.99 per month in America so we should have a similar pricing as well. Disney+ having all the Disney contents that dates back to as early as the 1930s and costing considerably lesser than Netflix means you are going to have much more options to choose from. Another wrinkle for Netflix is Apple. The Cupertino based company is spending millions in making original series and movies for their upcoming streaming service as well. So, in the presence of all these new exciting and big options, it’s understandable if someone wants to ditch Netflix for good. But, let’s look at the bigger picture.

Why Netflix is Still Worth It

In the UK, Netflix has reportedly more than 10 million subscribers. It has a huge base here and the amount of money Netflix is investing in producing original contents is unbelievable. Sure it’s undeniable that all of these plan changes are prompted by the advent of big players in the game. To maintain its monopoly, Netflix is making shows and movies that are not only visually appealing but also sound in terms of quality. Black Mirror is the poster boy of Netflix’s worldwide business and in the UK it continues to be a compelling crowd puller. Netflix has shows that are prestige TV. From The Crown, Stranger Things, Sex Education, Jessica Jones, Daredevil, Dark, Lilyhammer, Ozark Bojack Horseman to movies like Mudbound, Roma, Okja, Annihilation, Velvet Buzzsaw, Gerald’s Game Netflix has some serious quality of original contents up it’s sleeve. Apart from these, it is a hungry content aggregator as shows like Sherlock, Better Call Saul, Peaky Blinders, Doctor Who, The Good Place to movies as diverse as Black Panther and Mean Streets can be found with some easy search. Netflix’s catalog is mind boggling and so is their quality. The raise in price is a legitimate issue here but that’s the price you pay for quality content. Netflix has practically compelled the users to renew and new customers to subscribe to their services. Moreover the increase in prices has happened for the first time since the last quarter of 2017. Another elephant in the room is the fear of losing numerous contents once their original owners start their streaming service, which is absolutely unnecessary. Most owners had made deals with Netflix years ago that will make these shows and movies stay in Netflix for some time to come. So start streaming season 5 of Black Mirror in Netflix and chill.

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