There was a time when meeting people, attending conferences, participating in groups are known ways to communicate and build networks. But now, situations are quite different. With a fast, modern lifestyle, we don’t have much time to spend and spare. So, basically by the time now we all are agreeing that social media can be used to reinvent the ways of building networks, establishing long-term relationships related and efficient to our industries.
Unless you have been living in the ice age without internet connectivity, you must know the ways to find your social media platforms useful. Today, I’m going to tell you ways to expand your network using social media.
Now, buckle up. Here we go.

Why Social Media?
The conventional ways of meeting friends of friends, joining conferences are still okay to believe. But if using social networking sites make these things happen in more effortless ways, then why not?
Social Networks are doing great to create a large opening of opportunity these days.

Do it with Facebook

Facebook has gained popularity as one of the world’s most used Social Networking sites. So, there will be a great chance to find people relevant to your work and to create bonds with them, at an initial stage. Use ‘People you may know’ to find people and put some effort to interact. Contact with interesting people through your mutual connections. Sometimes, following them or joining their business pages can also be proven useful to interact as well. Facebook groups can work as bigger stages to reach a large number of people or community to put your views, to tell people about yourself, to show that you have something in common.

Tweet it

It’s an easy thing to ‘Tweet’ with Twitter because it helps to find people and to express your opinions on trending topics around the world, conversation or chat, whatever you want. Don’t think about your followers. Just keep up to do your best. Share your opinions on relevant tweets all around you. It will attract people to you and increase your chances to grow the network.

Link yourself with LinkedIn

Log in to LinkedIn and reach professionals all over the world from different industries. It is nothing but a professional social networking site. You have to build your profile first. After that, add your skills and let the smart suggestion to show suitable groups, based on the skills mentioned in your profile. You can also search for specific people and groups related to your professional field to connect and to build a long term professional relationship. You can add values to your profile by asking questions and replying for questions asked by others. Seek advice from people you’ve connected.

Juggle between multiple sites

Use multiple social sites to connect with people in a broad approach. In this modern era, the notifications from different apps are burying us beneath them. Mail alerts, facebook notifications, twitter notifications are gathering all around us. So if you need to hear back from someone you follow or someone you want to connect with, wait with your patience. It takes time to respond. And if your wait goes long then leave it. Please take care of that your persistence may not be judged as a matter of annoyance. So, don’t mark yourself as an annoying person for them.

Now, let’s conclude with some final words.
Every person with whom you’re connected is valuable for your growth. So, keep socializing with social sites to harness the power of wise networking and maintain healthy relationships for the long run.

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