When you read about a certain billionaire who in his early life had quit his job to start his own business, don’t you feel “Wish I was confident enough to take a step like that!”? But you never really ponder upon that matter because you do not feel you can do the same. These limiting beliefs that we formulate about our own capabilities are a major reason behind having a lack of confidence. Having self-confidence is necessary to survive in this world. Whether it’s your professional life or personal life, confidence can help you excel in every aspect.

You start building confidence the moment you decide to challenge these limiting beliefs. For everything that you feel you’re incapable of, there’s a wall of negativity preventing you from reaching your goal. When you decide to break this wall and step beyond, you’re ready to work on yourself. Here’s a guided list to building self-confidence so that nothing can beat you down on your way to success.


The first step requires to dig deeper into your inner being. Special attention should be given in order to identify your strengths and weaknesses. Prepare a list and start working on your weaknesses. Whether in personal life or work life, this rule works the same way. When you are able to point out your weaknesses, you have already discovered why you do not feel confident in those areas. Work hard every day to hone your existing skills and abilities, and work on the areas that you feel less confident in. Suppose you lack a certain skill, and hence you do not feel confident enough as compared to your colleagues. Find out ways to acquire that particular skill. Subscribe to online lessons, read about it, or speak to experts– look for solutions. Remain consistent in your endeavour and as you go on, you’ll slowly feel your confidence is building up.

Do More of What You’re Good at

To effectively build confidence, take action. As you are working on your weaknesses, start polishing your existing skills. Do those things more than you’re good at, it will only make you feel more confident. E.g. Maybe you’re a good speaker; grab every opportunity you get to speak — be it in an office meeting or at your friend’s wedding—make adequate use of your strength. As you continue the same process with all the areas that you’ve listed under your ‘strengths’, we promise you’ll come out as a more confident version of yourself.

Trial and error

Don’t be afraid of making mistakes. As you’re trying to get a hold over the things you’re not so good at, put your newly acquired skills to practical use. Learn to take risks! For example, suppose you’re someone who’s terrified of public speaking. You’re slowly working towards getting rid of this shortcoming. Now when you’re putting your newly acquired skills to practice, you might mess it up. Maybe more than once! But don’t worry. These errors are absolutely human, so take lessons from them and they will propel you towards being confident.


Start visualizing how you would behave if you were supremely confident. Start acting on it. In this universe, you attract what you are. Feel all the emotions that this confident person is supposed to feel. Behave as if you’ve already become that person. Have good postures. Take charge of all the aspects of your life. Show up. Speak up. Do the difficult jobs. Start your dream project. Invest in your business. Do everything that you would do if you had that immense level of self-confidence. And in no time, you’d actually have it all.

Be by Your Side

It’s really important that you value yourself, whether successful or unsuccessful, confident or under-confident. In your journey of building confidence, you might stumble at times. Be there for yourself instead of beating yourself up. Believe that you can do this. Practice positive self-talk. It might sound like a strange idea, but trust us, positive affirmations go a long way. Doesn’t it feel great when someone pays you a nice compliment? Treat this step in a similar way. Boost yourself up. Give yourself compliments. Because loving and accepting who you are, despite your flaws and faults, is the backbone of your confident self.

Be Consistent and Stay Committed

Always remember, consistency is the key to success. Practice all of these steps consistently. Stay committed to the work that you’re doing. Every bit of work that you’re putting in every day, is building the more confident version of you.

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