It all started with Apollo 11, the first spaceflight that carried two people on the moon. Exactly after 49 years, 9 months and 24 days of this historic achievement, the US President Donald Trump declared in his Twitter account about the “return to Space in a BIG WAY!”. Experts doubt the tweet is pushing Trump administration’s aggressive move to explore the moon more with the potential of NASA’s science, technological enhancements and human exploration activities. And now the million-dollar fact is NASA has to push forward through breaking all limits to pull this moon mission off.

What NASA wants to prove?

NASA’s Apollo Program set an extraordinary benchmark for the United States’ background of economic, political and technological advancements which inspired generations all these years and Trump Administrations’ main agenda is to maintain the leadership in space with exploration missions.

What is Artemis?

The NASA Moon 2022 project will take a step forward with the mission called “Artemis,” named after the Greek Goddess of the moon. As reported by NASA administrator, Jim Bridenstine, this mission will present the first woman to the moon. Artemis will take astronauts back to the lunar surface again, after a long pause and this time astronauts will go to explore the south pole of the moon for the first time ever.

By working with US companies and other international collaborations, NASA is looking forward far beyond the limits and also believes that Artemis will broad our chances to lay the foundation stone of colonizing the moon by 2028. By the time, all we can imagine that Artemis will be the first footstep towards sending humans to Mars.

The Vision of sustainable Human Presence at the moon:

NASA scientists believe the poles of the Moon have millions of tons of water ice and that can be used as resources for mankind. As we all know, our resources on earth are limited to use. With enormous progress in science, hopefully, NASA can manufacture materials, products, and use as per the necessity of resources from the moon, in the near future. According to experts, there is so much to achieve with a sustainable human and robotic appearance on the moon.

Humankind needs to build a civilization in outer space for independent existence. Exploring the Moon and Mars is interrelated. NASA claims that the exploration plan of the moon and the mars can be reused and it will be possible to make a way for better architecture by using cutting-edge technological support and modern science with extraordinary capabilities. Scientists think that the NASA Moon 2022 project is an initiative to take the next step for future Mars missions and it will also provide a chance to introduce next-gen technologies that could create efficient outstations away from earth.


NASA is on its way to build a new spacecraft to touch new horizons of exploration missions. They named it ‘Orion’. According to the reports, NASA declared that Orion will take astronauts beyond the limits that mankind has ever imagined. NASA also revealed that Orion has the capacity to take up to four members and designed for supporting people travelling thousands of miles far from the land of their own.

NASA’s Space Launch System (SLS), a powerful rocket from modern science is going to take charge of Orion in exploration missions exceeding Earth’s orbit. With fantastic power capabilities, SLS will launch astronauts in the Orion spacecraft on space missions to explore more beyond our imaginations.

With the recommendation from National Space Council, US President Donald Trump asked NASA to accelerate lunar research programs and resend humans on the Moon for earth independent existence or in easy words ‘to colonize the Moon’ and to take the lead in space.

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